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10:04pm 28/04/2008
three years is a long time. a long time indeed. i was 13 the last time i posted in this? i'm now 16 and old enough to drive. time flies. i was reading through my old posts and wow, some of the things i said/did were just..not who i am right now. so much has changed. yet some things (case in point: look at what i'm listening to) never change.

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music: What's Up Lonely - Kelly Clarkson
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08:13pm 18/08/2005

Which American Idol 4 finalist are you most like????

Carrie Underwood

Awwww you sweet little country bumpkin.......

Personality Test Results

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WOoHOO!!! ok so who here has MySpace??? cuz now I have that too...


add me if u have it :)
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04:50pm 01/08/2005

PICTURES..cuz i'm bored and Kelly's a cutie.


 <<random pic..

^^ Kelly loves her hair.

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yet more surveys.  
04:11pm 01/08/2005

A Day in the Life of You - 34 Questions

Created by vikq and taken 145 times on bzoink!

What time do you usually wake up? -It's summer, so usually like 11:30 ish, during school, around 5:30
If you sleep in, how many times do you press the snooze button? -I can't reach the alarm clock
What is your morning routine? -Wake up, Eat, Shower, Computer
What's for breakfast? -Omelette
Coffee or tea -Tea
Time for school/work. What transportation do you take? -Bus
What time do you get to school/work by? -7:20 ish
Before school/work starts, you... -Sit in the Lobby & Hang out
What do you do at school/work? -School..Learn? LOL.
Anything that you particularly like there? -Hell no.
Anything that you hate? -Hell yes.
What do you do during recess/coffee break? -Lunch? LOL.
Lunchtime. What do you usually eat? -food.
Who do you sit with? -my friends.
There's still free time after you finish your meal. What do you do? -sit.
When does school/work end? -2:35
What do you do after school/work? -homework/listen to Kelly
Do you have a tea time? -no
What time do you have supper? -depends what people are doing that day
What's for supper? -food
Any after supper activities? -homework/listen to Kelly
What time do you go to bed? -usually around 9:30 ish
What time do you usually wake up? -Whenever I feel like it
Breakfast or brunch -BRUNCH
Coffee or tea -Starbucks..LOL
Do you usually go out of town? -Nah
Any weekend obligations like volunteer work or karate lessons? -Well, now that I'm on CORE team probably going to be volunteer stuff
Hobbies? -yeah, singing..performing..stuff like that
Do you spend time with your family and/or friends? -Sure..
Sports or parties or just plain hanging out? -Just chillin'
Do you drink alcohol? -Eww no
Smoke? -Once again, eww no.
Other recreational drugs? -Why would you?
What time do you usually go to bed? -Whenever I feel like it.

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mood: still very bored.still very bored.
music: Come Here*Kelly Clarkson
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more surveys..  
04:01pm 01/08/2005

A Completely Random Music Survey for Total Music Freaks

Created by summerlander229 and taken 126 times on bzoink!

What song are you listening to right now?Falling Into History*Brie Larson
What's your favourite song?Behind These Hazel Eyes*Kelly Clarkson
What's your favourite album?Breakaway*Kelly Clarkson
Which song describes your life right now?Breakaway*Kelly Clarkson
Which album best describes your life up to this point?either Breakaway*Kelly Clarkson or Still Not Getting Any*Simple Plan
Who's your favourite band?Simple Plan or Graham Colton Band
Favourite male singer?Ryan Cabrera
Favourite female singer?Kelly Clarkson
Favourite songwriter?Kelly Clarkson
Favourite drummer?Kelly's drummer, Derrick
Favourite guitarist?Kelly's guitarist, Danny
Favourite pianist?I don't know
What's your favourite genre of music?a little bit of everything, except rap
Do you play a musical instrument?No
If so, what?I used to play clarinet and piano
Are you in a concert, jazz, or marching band?No
Are you in a rock band?Nope
Can you sing?Heck yes!
Well?I guess
How many flats are in the key of Eb?Oh Lord. Umm, I can't remember
Do you consider yourself a good musician?Sure
What radio stations do you listen to?Usually Q102 or Kiss 107
What CD is in your CD player right now?Ipod!!
What are your thoughts on pirating music?I honestly don't really care
Do you use a "legal" music downloading program (ex. RealTime Rhapsody)?Yeah
What is your favourite musical (stage)?The Phantom of the Opera
What is your favourite musical (movie)?LMAO From Justin To Kelly
Do you tap your foot in time to music?No
What song is the background music on your website/blog?I have a playlist
Are you a music spaz or just rhythmically inclined?I don't know.

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music: Sk8er Boi*Avril Lavigne
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03:48pm 01/08/2005

Song That Makes You...

Created by procrastinata and taken 6113 times on bzoink!

Song that makes you happyBreakaway*Kelly Clarkson
Song that makes you want to cryBecause of You*Kelly Clarkson
Song that makes you feel dreamyBreakaway*Kelly Clarkson
Song that makes you sleepyBeautiful Disaster*Kelly Clarkson
Song that makes you want to danceGone*Kelly Clarkson
Song that makes you want to close your earsany Hilary Duff or Ashlee Simpson song
Song that makes you think of that special someoneHear Me*Kelly Clarkson
Song that makes you feel relaxedBecause of You*Kelly Clarkson
Song that makes you feel inspiredBehind These Hazel Eyes*Kelly Clarkson
Song that makes you want to sing along:Breakaway*Kelly Clarkson

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mood: boredbored
music: Sick Little Love Song*Brie Larson
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06:05pm 25/07/2005
I don't care how many years you've been in the music business.
I don't care how many octaves you can sing.
I don't care how many songs you have written.
I don't care how many instruments you can play.
I don't care how many albums you've sold.
I don't care how many hits you've had on the radio.
I don't care how many sold-out stadium tours you've had.
I don't care how many internet polls you've won.
I don't care how many books have been written about you.
I don't care how many magazine covers you've made.
I don't care how many reality shows chronicle your life.
I don't care how many times you've performed at some prestigious club, festival or event.
I don't care how many critics think you're God's gift to music.
I don't care how many Grammies or Tonies you've won.
I don't care how many halls of fame you've been inducted into.

I don't care who you are.

Kelly Clarkson sings better than you.
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music: I'm Movin' On*Rascal Flatts
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what's up..  
06:13pm 17/07/2005

hey y'all..idk i'm really bored and i'm on here, so i decided to stop and post. i posted yesterday but umm that wasn't really anything. soo what's up everyone, right now i am talking to people on AIM and i'm bleeding LOL..eww. i've been reading people's LJs and now i'm feeling jealous of every single one of you who is going or has been to Kelly's Hazel Eyes tour. cuz guess who's not going?? i have camp the day kelly's gonna be in dayton, so i can't go. i don't think i'm going to idols live either to see Carrie, so that sucks. my mom found out that rascal flatts is here september 9th or something so maybe i'll go to that. i actually really like them now..as u can tell, i'm listening to them at the moment. umm what else is new w/ me..basically nothing. i had a recital today which went okay. i wasn't as nervous as i was for my last recital, but i think i screwed up today. whatever i didn't really care if i screwed it up in the first place. i've been on xanga a ton, idk if any of y'all have xangas...but if you do, check out mine. http://www.xanga.com/CraZy4KeLLy13  i changed my user picture..LOL. i thought it was funny & decided to use it. oh and here's like 4 poems i haven't posted on here. hope ya like..umm yeah i don't talk to any of y'all much anymore, IM me at BeHiNdHazLEyEs x  anytime you want..i'll talk to yaz.



my poems..Collapse )

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06:46pm 16/07/2005
Your Career Type: Artistic

You are expressive, original, and independent.
Your talents lie in your artistic abilities: creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art.

You would make an excellent:

Actor - Art Teacher - Book Editor
Clothes Designer - Comedian - Composer
Dancer - DJ - Graphic Designer
Illustrator - Musician - Sculptor

The worst career options for your are conventional careers, like bank teller or secretary.

Duh. LOL.

and I heard Kelly...6 times on the radio today.
music: nothing KELLY.
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05:54pm 04/07/2005

hey guys!!! hope y'all are having an awesome Independence Day!! just wanted to stop by and say hi to all my awesome LiveJournal people. Love y'all!!

Let freedom ring...Collapse )




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music: Independence Day*Carrie Underwood
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