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yet more surveys.  
04:11pm 01/08/2005

A Day in the Life of You - 34 Questions

Created by vikq and taken 145 times on bzoink!

What time do you usually wake up? -It's summer, so usually like 11:30 ish, during school, around 5:30
If you sleep in, how many times do you press the snooze button? -I can't reach the alarm clock
What is your morning routine? -Wake up, Eat, Shower, Computer
What's for breakfast? -Omelette
Coffee or tea -Tea
Time for school/work. What transportation do you take? -Bus
What time do you get to school/work by? -7:20 ish
Before school/work starts, you... -Sit in the Lobby & Hang out
What do you do at school/work? -School..Learn? LOL.
Anything that you particularly like there? -Hell no.
Anything that you hate? -Hell yes.
What do you do during recess/coffee break? -Lunch? LOL.
Lunchtime. What do you usually eat? -food.
Who do you sit with? -my friends.
There's still free time after you finish your meal. What do you do? -sit.
When does school/work end? -2:35
What do you do after school/work? -homework/listen to Kelly
Do you have a tea time? -no
What time do you have supper? -depends what people are doing that day
What's for supper? -food
Any after supper activities? -homework/listen to Kelly
What time do you go to bed? -usually around 9:30 ish
What time do you usually wake up? -Whenever I feel like it
Breakfast or brunch -BRUNCH
Coffee or tea -Starbucks..LOL
Do you usually go out of town? -Nah
Any weekend obligations like volunteer work or karate lessons? -Well, now that I'm on CORE team probably going to be volunteer stuff
Hobbies? -yeah, singing..performing..stuff like that
Do you spend time with your family and/or friends? -Sure..
Sports or parties or just plain hanging out? -Just chillin'
Do you drink alcohol? -Eww no
Smoke? -Once again, eww no.
Other recreational drugs? -Why would you?
What time do you usually go to bed? -Whenever I feel like it.

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