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10:04pm 28/04/2008
three years is a long time. a long time indeed. i was 13 the last time i posted in this? i'm now 16 and old enough to drive. time flies. i was reading through my old posts and wow, some of the things i said/did were just..not who i am right now. so much has changed. yet some things (case in point: look at what i'm listening to) never change.

Have you ever been in, are currently in or been invited into a cult? no.
Have you ever read the bible? some of it. when i was a kid, i'd have like little picture book versions of it.
What animal do you think you're most like? haha i don't know
Would you like having a shower with plain glass facing the mirror in your bathroom so you can perve on your naked self? eww, no.
Do you use a comb or a brush? brush. when i'm in the shower and i'm up to it, i'll comb through it when i still have the conditioner in cuz it gets really tangly if i don't do that.
Do some things in your room/house just mysteriously disappear? yes.
If you were on a deserted island with the person of your wildest desires, who would that be? haha...gpc.
Have you ever found an ant in your shower? no? eww.
Kids or pets? pets.
Sheep or goats? sheep.  goats eat everything.. <<< hahahaha. .
Knife or fork? fork.
Golf buggy or tractor? golf..cart?.
High rise apartment or country cottage? country cottage.
Do you like raisins? no.
What color of socks do you normally wear? white.
Did you ever attend a private school? erm. it wasn't really private. .
Were you a spoiled child? not when i was little. .
Have you ever smashed pumpkins? no.
Do you find that most people on the internet are unattractive? no.
Do you read labels when shopping for food? nah
Have you ever slaughtered a cow or chicken or goat or pig or horse or cat? no.
What is your favorite color of underwear? it doesn't matter.
Do you eat at Taco Bell? never.
Can you quote Shakespeare? "The course of true love never did run smooth" - A Midsummer Night's Dream. Apparently I can..
What is your favorite thing to cook? i don't cook...I can bake?
do you like playing baseball?  no
Are you a neat freak? nah. w/ some things i guess
Have you ever worn a wig? yes for halloween and stuff.
What is the worst injury you have ever given someone? nothing too bad. lol
How about the worst injury you've had? cracked my chin open when i was 5. yup. .
Do you ever eat lemons plain? no.
Do you have dry skin? yeah.
Do you like tunafish? never had it
Have you ever fired a gun? no, they scare me.
Have you ever gotten your tongue stuck on something frozen? no.
Do you own any knee-high boots? no. i don't think they're knee high anyway.
Are you attracted to extreme people? no.
Do you like swimming in lakes? can't say.
Have you ever tubed down a river? no.
Have you ever kissed a dog on the mouth? no.
Are you accident prone? hahahaha.
mood: stressedstressed
music: What's Up Lonely - Kelly Clarkson
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